I’m a mother of seven. Wow! Huh? Are you nuts? Yeah, those are the reactions that I typically get. Running a large household keeps me constantly on the go, but I wouldn’t trade all of the small joys of life for anything.

I do a lot of laundry and drive kids around to all sorts of baseball games, scouting events and other action-packed kids activities. In between it all, I try to take some interesting pictures and do my part to add a little bit of beauty to the world. Most importantly, I’ve met many other blogging moms out there doing the same thing! Over the years, we’ve formed quite the close-knit community.

As you can imagine, my life is anything but still. So why the title for the blog? To some it may seem like wishful thinking, but it is much more than that. Even in the thick of the modern-day chaos that can sometimes affect our home and life, I still see little corners of beauty all around us. Life is a little tableaux of charm and grace to remember, capture and preserve. The title is my reminder.

I play at Instagram and twitter. I’m still finding my way around G+ including a community dedicated to still life photography.

I’ve been collaborating on a project for almost two years, Call & Response with my friend Cheryl. It began as a 365 project and now has morphed into an interesting exercise in creative thinking.

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