Danny loves Peppa Pig. I may have mentioned that before. The British-isms in Peppa Pig crack me up sometimes though. When my middle kids asked for Little Debbie Zebra Cakes for their lunches, I kept teasing that I would look for the Zoe Zebra (say with your best British pronounciation) cakes.

But my favorite one, is when they are about to race and they call out “ready, steady, go!” — all my life, it’s been “ready, set, go!” But I’ve developed an appreciation for the “steady” part.

This week, I needed that steady. Two days off, one with snow and the other with ice and rain gave me a few more minutes to work on some things, but it still seemed like an unbelievably long week. I had wanted to write on silence — but ironically enough, there just wasn’t enough of it this week to allow me to think through what I wanted to say. I hope to move that theme to next week.

That’s what I call being steady; having the flexibility to keep standing and moving forward when circumstances don’t favor Plan A. So here are the pictures for the week: