Unmade Bed
What difference does place make to a person? Does the setting of our lives, shape the story of our lives?

For me, yes. This first week back to school has been hectic and busy and that busy-ness has led to looser routines. Loose routines always spell trouble. Stuff piles up. Clothes go unsorted and shoes get lost. Papers get shuffled around and torn up by the toddler. Printers fail to work when you need them most (although that’s just the nature of printers in general, isn’t it?)

But this definitley shaped my life this week as I had to make two unscheduled trips to the school to bring up backpacks and correct uniforms…I had to e-mail homework to teachers (because of the stupid printer), and we were running out the door, stressed to the max, two days in a row, because shoes could not be found.

So, we know what’s on the agenda for the long weekend — straightening up and getting our routines in order. Finding a place for everything and getting everything in its place.

Setting: the place where the story unfolds. Let’s see if we can’t get a better story to unfold next week. : )