Danny in the Slide Tunnel

You may have noticed that I missed my story post this week. Well, things were a little bit busy last week with a short trip out-of-town and getting our oldest son back to Alabama for his sophomore year.

But that is neither here nor there. I want to shake things up a bit with this story idea and I’m sort of just thinking out loud with this (that is definitely a way to get into trouble).

How would y’all like to play along with the story project? Let’s spend the weekend recording a story of our time. Nothing fancy — it’s not War & Peace after all, but just a few photographs to throw into a little story or photo essay.

What about a theme? I’m going to offer one to focus on but let’s keep this loosey-goosey and just see how it goes, yes?

How about character. Someone you know (person or pet), what they look like, things they like to do, places they go, mannerisms, dress, etc. Take several photos that you think really define a character and put them together into a story.

This would be easy enough to do on IG too. Just use an app to put several photos together (Diptic is the one I use but there are probably better ones out. If you know of one, do share!)

So, come back after the weekend and let’s share our stories, alright? Whose in?