One of my lenten promises was to cook dinner every night — from scratch. At first I considered blogging or even instagramming about it. I had a great hashtag all thought, even: #40meals40days. Then I came to my senses and realized that the final minutes before everyone sits down to eat are a mad dash to grab drinks and napkins and get any last minutes things to the table. Once the kids descend to the table, well, that’s it! Show’s over. I’ve been lucky to grab a few pictures to text to my sister who is doing this too. She’s keeping me honest.

Yesterday’s collection of produce from the store was laying on the kitchen table and the colors where just too lovely and intense not to artfully arrange and photograph.

I used the Lensbaby Sweet 35. I like the super sharpness of the lens (when my poor old eyes can manage to focus it correctly!) and the ease of use since the aperture is more like a normal lens. But then you still get that awesome lensbaby blur and smearing of color.