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Double exposure in-camera with the Sweet 35 (composer pro).#lensbabythursday +Gloria Roldan +AJ Schroetlin 

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I bravely fought the crowds at the grocery store yesterday and treated myself to a bunch of tulips – three bunches actually! I hope you like tulips because there are a lot of tulip pictures in my foreseeable future.http://ift.tt/1fpLCcH#macromonday #lensbaby 

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Cute and clever…love the robo- call line because I get the call on the phone, the cell, my husband’s cell and a text…all within minutes of each other. ; )

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Early Valentine

With the snow coming my husband brought home flowers yesterday. That gave me the snow day to play with them.

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The frost covers the ground like a big velvet blanket#vscocam

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I’ve had metaphor and perception on the brain for the last few days thanks to the Shades of Gray community. When I saw my dirty window looking even dirtier with the rising sun behind it my first thought was not to run and get the windex. No. My first thought was: Wow! What a perfect metaphor for our imperfect perception of truth! Sigh…

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Put the plastic optic on the lensbaby and grabbed shots in between chopping and peeling and stirring and serving…

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Orange came in three categories: Halloween leftovers, seasonal, and kid stuff. Here is the best of the lot.
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