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The Call: Angel Rose — Cheryl “We are still being taught that fairy tales and myths are to be discarded as soon as we are old enough to understand ‘reality,’” wrote Madeleine L’Engle. Story is a very important theme for her. It goes along with truth and fact, and L’Engle differentiates one from the other. […]


The Response: Illumination — Cheryl I give thanks for words and light, and when words fail, I’m grateful for images.


The Response: Time at the Lake — Cheryl In Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and Art, Madeleine L’Engle tells the story of a village with clocks that got all messed up, time-wise, after the village clockmaker/repairer passed away. When — years later — a renowned clockmaker/repairer came to the village, the citizens crowded round […]


The Call: A Veil Between Earth and Eternity — Cheryl Life is filled with wonderful moments that deepen my faith and keep me excited about learning. How often have I encountered a theme, day after day, or maybe month after month, in very different places? Lately, I’ve been fascinated by the notion of a thin […]


Fifth Call: Bird of Many Colors Yesterday, I wrote about Jessica being my own personal contemplation trigger. Today, I’d like to explore at least one of the thoughts she put into my head. First and foremost: I’ve discovered that Jessica and I (seem to, at least) approach art/photography in completely different manners. Jessica, please correct […]


Fourth Call: Lover of the Light — Cheryl Few people in my life get me thinking, pondering and questioning like Jessica. I had long thought of SOOC photography as being “purer” than work tweaked and streaked in Photoshop, but Jessica has turned that on its head. She’s got me thinking of the tools used by […]


First Call: Condensation — Cheryl And thus we begin our second year of Call and Response. I’m excited and looking forward to new challenges and learning experiences. The month off was exactly what I needed. It was a chance to recharge the old creative batteries, and mine were seriously drained. I don’t feel like they’ve […]


The Call: Missing Piece — Jessica You know that feeling like something is missing? And you just can’t put your finger on it? That until you find that missing piece your life is going to feel incomplete? Yeah. I’m there — but I’m actively searching. It will probably turn up under the couch cushions. Everything […]