Fourth Call: Lover of the Light — Cheryl

Few people in my life get me thinking, pondering and questioning like Jessica. I had long thought of SOOC photography as being “purer” than work tweaked and streaked in Photoshop, but Jessica has turned that on its head. She’s got me thinking of the tools used by artists; the expectations and judgments that color our work, sometimes before we even produce it (in fact, those expectations and judgments generally do their work so well, they prevent the production in the first place); the comparisons; the rationalizations and the excuses.

And her timing is just exquisite, as I finally finished reading Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water just yesterday.

In fact, Jessica has done her job so well, I can’t say anything more right now. There’s still too much contemplation to do. Her words have triggered a veritable domino run in my head, with one concept touching off another, and it will take many more hours, more posts and more photos to sort it out.